Welcome to Tono Systems. Tono Systems pioneers in India for making High End Audio Video Support Systems. Our constant research has helped us relate to today’s needs of AV Systems which are both aesthetically appealing as well as feature rich. Our products are designed for today setting trends for tomorrow.


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About Tono

Tono Systems has been designing and manufacturing innovative audiovisual systems from the year 2010. In the beginning, Tono Systems speaker stands redefined the design of loudspeaker supports, setting a standard that had not previously been achieved. The revolutionary approach to product design continued with dedicated audio visual Systems that was aesthetically appealing… Read More

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Choosing your TV Stands

When choosing any TV furniture it is important to consider the surroundings, ideally one would want the TV stand to accommodate all of your AV equipment in style without sacrificing functionality. It is always critical that you purchase a TV stand which can support the weight of your LCD, LED or Plasma television and it also offers sufficient cable management to keep all wiring under control… Read More

Why use Speaker Stands ?

When speakers are placed on a floor or against a wall, their sonic output becomes “connected” to the floors and/or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. This type of placement also causes sound from the speakers to transfer into your audio/ video furniture as well as to other audio and home theatre components, further reducing overall sonic performance… Read More

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