Cable Management

Cable Management

Cables and its laying. Why is it important? Learn about cable management system

Cables are the most neglected part of any installation in terms of managing and in the end causes problem in the appearance of the system. In a home theatre or a stereo setup, lot of cables are laid that makes the equipment sound better.

High end audio support system need that kind of cables where we cannot compromise

Tono CMS series

Tono CMS  is a easy installing wire or cable management system. Whether your installation involves high-volume foot traffic or low volume cosmetic improvements, regardless of how big or small your budget, we have the right wire management product to do the best cable management job… it’s durable, safe, attractive and affordable. It is perfect for home, office, industrial, automotive, school and entertainment uses. Everywhere you find organized cables and wires, you’ll find our cable organizer.

The column system is the easy way to hide and guide cables at any height. Combine the column system with our  multi support to store all your audio and video equipment in one single, sleek-looking solution.

With cable covers you can hide all cables safely and tidily, within minimal space: only 2 cm of the wall! The covers have a neat finish and are made of high-quality material. Installation is easy, a drilling template is supplied.

 What does the perfect entertainment system look like?It should be neat and clean with no hanging cables from all sides


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