Office furniture India

A typical office furniture setup includes office chairs, cubicles etc. But ever thought of how mounting a flat panel TV could save space. Using a Tono Flat panel LED TV Ceiling Mount could help you save space plus it can also rotate 360 degrees for a complete view and tilt up and down for perfect view. Our LED TV ceiling mounts are height adjustable and come with cable management system for easy hiding of cables.
In the second scenario office furniture also moves to conference room where the maximum utility of AV system is observed. Here the projector, Large format display or say a large LED TV is used for video conferencing comes into play. For a projector one needs that perfect angle and drop from the ceiling. Tono PWM 1 projector ceiling mount gives what you need, two height adjustment options and a Tilt angle for that perfect picture. For video conferencing it is extremely important that everyone is able to view the LED TV. For this we need a TV stand that can be easily moved with the help of caster wheels, height can be adjusted and it has a arrangement of keeping all the Video conferencing equipments like a webcam, a set top box and of course the TV. And the ultimate use of our Tono LED TV Stand is the feature of rotating the TV in Landscape to Portrait mode in 3 minutes flat.
And at last comes the LED TV wall mounts with Tilt and swivel functionality, a mount strictly to be used in the place of fixed mount the manufacturer provides. The ease and comfort of the use in meeting rooms, lobby area is appreciated by all our clients.
Hence a typical office furniture is no more limited to tables and chairs, but has far exceeded to a Video setup that is perfectly matching your office interior design.

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