Aluminium Series

Projector mount kit

Outstanding range of projector mounts from Tono Systems made in Aluminium. Warranty ranges up to 10 years in India. Features include height adjustment, Tilt  and high weight bearing capacity.

Why Aluminum Projector mounts?

Because steel is a poor conductor of heat, it stores the heat energy generated by the lamp and keeps it near the projector. The stored heat then combines with the newly generated heat and scorches the projector and lamp.
A good example to use is the automobile industry. The engine in your car generates excessive heat. If left unchecked, the heat would destroy your engine. The heat is removed from the engine by your radiator. Your radiator is made of aluminum because it is excellent at dissipating heat.

Although aluminum is more expensive than steel, it would be ridiculous to use steel in a car that you had to warranty because any savings would be quickly paid towards fixing the engines that were blown. If the auto industry thought they could make an acceptable radiator out of steel and save some money, they would.

If you buy a projector ceiling mount, make sure it is an aluminum projector ceiling mount.

The projector’s center of balance or center of gravity must be taken into consideration when it is designed ,that is the reason our mounts are recommended by experts. If it is not, there can be a great amount of stress put on the projector’s case and this can cause premature failure.

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