Tono Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands from Tono Systems are designed for optimum sound quality. We believe that the right stands can make all the difference in the way you experience sound. Our products are specially designed to ensure that you enjoy your Home Theater or Hi-Fi systems to the fullest. And this is exactly why we are acclaimed for manufacturing the best speaker stands in India.

With Tono , you will be able to isolate and elevate your speaker from floors and walls. Thereby decreasing the resonance of sound and improving it’s stability and quality. Whether it is Bookshelf Speaker Stands or Home Theatre Speaker Stands, we only manufacture the most powerful speaker stands that ensure that your sound system produces the most dramatically superior and realistic sound ever.

We offer two different kinds of stands namely, HTX-26 Satellite for satellite speakers and HF-B101 Bookshelf Speakers. Depending on your requirements, you can buy speaker stands online from Tono Systems. Our HF-B101 Bookshelf Stand is used by Dolby Digital India and Pro AV enthusiasts, while our HTX-26 Satellite Stand has been bought by more than 40000 customers for their home theater systems.

Our HF-B101 bookshelf stand is  used by Dolby Digital India, pro AV enthusiasts and HTX 26 satellite speaker stands by more than 40,000 customers using home theaters.

Why use Speaker Stands?

When speakers are placed on a floor or against a wall, their sonic output becomes “connected” to the floors and/or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. This type of placement also causes sound from the speakers to transfer into your audio/ video furniture as well as to other audio and home theatre components, further reducing overall sonic performance.

Not only does the speaker’s sound suffer, but neighbors and other family members will as well. How ? When the speaker sound gets in to the floors and walls, others will hear it almost as loudly as you do. The solution is to isolate your speakers from floors and walls, essentially ”disconnecting” the speaker’s sound from your room.
Isolation pads are included to further dampen vibrations and unwanted resonances. Sound is clearer and cleaner with much better imaging and greater sense of relaism. For dramatically superior sound and unsurpassed value, look no further than Tono . SOUNDS GOOD doesn’t it?
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