Speaker Wall Mount

Why use Speaker Wall Mounts for Home Theatre?

When a home theater speaker is placed on the wall, hanging on the nails, it not only restricts the position of your speakers but also causes loss in sound due to loose fitting. The home theatre experience can be brought to life when the speakers are positioned at ear level. Also, the arrangement needs to be in specific angles for 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 systems. But once you hook the speaker on those nails or any non-adjustable mount, your seating position is going to be fixed. This is where wall mounts for the speaker come into place. These classy looking mounts will give an edge to your sound system.

One of the basic reasons to buy speaker wall mounts is that, you want your speakers to be positioned at your ear level. This will ensure that you get a clear and high-quality sound which is otherwise not possible when speakers are hanged on the wall on nails. Moreover, our speaker wall mounts are extremely easy to install and come with adapter brackets that can fit any home theater satellite speakers. So now you know, if you wish to buy the best speaker wall mount in India, Tono Systems is the right destination for you.

The Home Theater HT 55 series was developed to provide compatibility with the size and mounting requirements of all new Home Theater systems.

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