Flat Panel TV Floor Stand

Flat Panel TV Floor Stand

While selecting a Flat Panel TV Floor Stand it is important that you first consider the specifications. As ideally you would want a TV stand to accommodate all of your AV equipment in style without sacrificing on functionality. It is critical, therefore, that you look for a Flat Panel TV Floor stand, that can support the weight of your LCD, LED or Plasma television and one that offers sufficient cable management to keep all wiring under control before making a purchase.

Further in India, where there is more space constraint than anywhere else. A space saving TV stand is a boon and add to that a combination of aluminum, wood, and glass, and it makes Tono TV Stands unique & classy from all the other TV stands that are available online in India.

One of the most distinct features of the Tono TV stands, is that it has the functionality of swiveling the TV from left to right, which gives you a maximum viewing angle compared to any other TV stands in India.

Once this criteria is satisfied, you can then move onto thinking about the styling of your Flat Panel TV Cabinet Stand. While purchasing LED or LCD TV stands in India, it is critical that you think about the interior design of your living room. What kind of flooring do you have? What kind of LED TV Floor Stand would match the design of your living room? For instance, Marbonite goes well with brown textures while marble is more likely to go with white veneer.

Deciding on the TV Floor stand

After you have made a decision as to which Flat or LED TV stand looks good on your flooring, you can then shift your focus on selecting which TV stand matches with the other important criteria such as the height of the your seating level. The angle your TV will cover, etc. For example, if you have low seating, you may be better off with a two shelf TV stand so that you don’t have to look up at the TV screen and are able to watch your favourite shows comfortably.

Another important thing that you need to consider before making a purchase decision is your household. If you have pets or children, a cantilever TV stand may make more sense, as this TV stand will be suspended in the air away from inquisitive fingers or paws. Lastly, if you are challenged for space, you should opt for a corner TV stand, as it can be tucked deep into the corner of your room, saving you a lot of space.

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