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    Best Projector Screens in India

    Want to purchase the best projector screen in India? Check out the wide range of home theater projector screens and projector screens for office that we offer. These projector screens come in different materials as well as varied projector screen sizes.

    We’re India’s leading projector screen specialist and the variety of projector screens that we provide includes;

    • • Manual Instalock Projector Screens
    • • Motorised Projector Screens
    • • Fixed Projector Screens
    • • Curved Projector Screens (Acoustically Transparent) 4k Fabric

    Whether you’re looking for a Fixed Frame Screen for your home cinema or an Electric projector screen for your office, we’re here to help. We also offer versatile projector stand ceiling mounts that you can purchase based on your requirements.

    Since 2009, we’ve helped over 50,000 customers find their perfect projector screen.
    Whilst you can project your image on to a flat white surface such as a wall, the vast majority of the brightness and vibrancy will be lost. Thus, buying a projector screen for your home or office is the best option if you want to enjoy a great viewing experience.

    We know that choosing from between the best projector screens in India can be a challenge. As such, below we have broken down projector screens into different categories including projector screen sizes, projector screen materials, barrel sizes among others. We’ve also listed the projector screens based on the most popular types purchased by our customers.

    The projector screen prices in India can be extremely high. However, at Tono Systems you click on the projector screen type that best suits your needs and we will show you the best brands & ranges all at very competitive prices.

    Best part, the projector screens we offer also comes with a 2 years warranty on body and 3 months on motor

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