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    4K HDMI Cable


    UltraHD TV needs speed to deliver an enormous amount of video data to your screen, fast. Tono Strava is the fastest cable out there, rated at 18Gbps—enough bandwidth for present and future formats. In fact, it carries our “Ultimate High Speed” label, meaning it’s our fastest HDMI cable. This is how UltraHD is meant to be seen.

    Fluid Motion, Vivid Colors
    Tono Strava HDMI cable is capable of delivering a frame rate of up to 60/120HZ, along with 8-16 Bit Color. This translates to fluid, filmlike images and vivid, saturated, and gorgeous onscreen images. Cables with less bandwidth might deliver 4K UltraHD video, but will probably do so with 4K, 30/60Hz, 8-14 Bit Color–meaning you don’t get 100% of the UltraHD performance you paid for.

    Cable for Life
    Our Cable for Life guarantee means if technology outpaces our Tono Strava HDMI cable, we’ll replace it. Add to that our lifetime warranty and you really can’t lose.


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